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Khamareh is how the Soninké tribe, a West African ethnic group living in dispersed groups between Senegal, Mauritania, and Mali, as well as in the eastern Gambia, refer to the Vetivera Nigritana. It is one of the most powerful, plants used by women in those countries for beauty purposes. It’s been passed from grandmothers to mothers and from mothers to daughters making it a huge part of their tradition. It is a must-have ingredient among women used in homemade creams, oils, and soaps for its multiple benefits to treat skin issues such as acne, blemishes, pigmentation, and spots. Health-wise, it has been used to increase the quality of the taste of drinking water providing a traditional way to fight infections and disease, especially in children as well as cleansing.


Vetiveria Nigritana, also referred to as Vetiver or Black Vetivergrass, is a very beneficial plant that is deeply rooted within the ground. It's a very thick and tall type of grass from Africa and is most commonly seen in Nigeria, North Africa, and East Africa. There are many medical uses that have been derived from Vetiveria nigritana because the plant contains very high levels of essential oils that can be distilled and used for traditional medicinal purposes. In cosmetics, it is often used in skincare products for its antiseptic properties and for stimulating circulation. It is present in products to treat acne and other skin issues, as it promotes the regeneration of the skin.


Vetiver is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac and natural cleanser, characterized by a very pleasant earthy smell. Vetiver oil is very hydrating and deeply nourishes the skin helping it look youthful, smoother and softer. It reduces the appearance of blemishes helping to create a more even skin tone. The oil of vetiver root has been shown to possess antioxidant activity.


We have created khamareh a high-performance skincare brand with African botanicals. Khamareh is going to be the main ingredient in our current products and future ones. This powerful ingredient is the mother of our products among many other African botanicals that are going to create amazing formulas to help our clients get healthier skin.